Case Study: eCommerce

So if I am honest I don’t really expect anyone to read this case study initially, not many people visit our site. It’s more a holding page, but I thought this would make an interesting case study.

I often buy eccomerce sites which are doing a decent volume and improve them, but a friend of mine has had this site live for about 12 months and I think he has done 1 sale in all that time and doesn’t really get any traffic.

He was tired of paying for hosting, domain renewal etc so wanted to be rid of the site but didn’t know what to do.

After a brief chat, I decided I would take over the site and own 100%  of it, taking on all the costs etc but in return, I agreed if (more likely when) I sell the site I would give him 10%.

The site:

  • Its an ecommerce site (obviously) 
  • Target Market: UK at the moment
  • Niche: I don’t want to reveal the exact niche – but the niche is heavily controlled by Google.
  • Revenue: Zero July
  • Traffic: 160 Sessions July 2019 (so basically nothing)


Quarterly Objective: To grow revenue to £500 a month. (this Quarter will be 4 months long so it matches my financial year).

I will create a more strategic set of OKRs in the quarter for the rest of the year, but initially I just want to get the site live.

Key Results:

  1. Grow Organic traffic to 500 sessions in a month
  2. Grow PPC traffic to 750 Sessions in a month
  3. Get 50 email subscribers to the mailing list

August Plan:

  1. Keyword Research 
  2. Technical Audit
  3. Redesign of the site (some of the styling isn’t great)
  4. Email Capture sign up form
  5. Set up Google Ads and create first campaigns

This is a side project and to see what I can do from scratch – I will only be committing about 10 hours a month to the site.

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