Andrew Halliday

Andy Halliday

Hi, my name is Andy Halliday and some would describe what I do as being an entrepreneur.

Personally speaking I am not sure I would class myself as an entrepreneur. I just use the internet to run several (smallish) businesses.

We run three businesses:

Coreter Limited

Coreter Limited is the main business and has two main streams.

Onpage Rocks – this is a technical and server log auditing websites. It deals directly with clients directly or with agency doing white label analysis.

Coreter Media – a digital marketing agency which helps smalls businesses with their digital marketing. 

As part of these two brands I often speak at conferences.

Encome Limited

Encome is a subsidiary of Coreter Limited. The business focuses purely on Eccomerce businesses and currently runs two different website.

The business is always looking to purchase other eccomerce businesses.

The Mundane Company

This business runs a few small affiliate businesses. these we’re only launched at the start of 2018 and are still growing.

We are using the techniques and skills of the digital marketing agency to help these websites grow.

Follow Me

If you wanna follow me on the journey, my social profiles are below. 


Every year I try and do something for charity and blog about it on Air Beneath my Feet.


Attempted Race to the King – my first Ultra Marathon at 52.4 miles ( a double marathon).

I got pulled out of the race by the medical team at 35 miles.


Charity Sky Dive

!00 mile run

(I did the sky dive, it was the best feeling ever.  With the summer we have had, I only managed to run 55 miles – the heat made it almost impossible to run in).



Telephone: 01302 965 385

Old Fashion way: Andy Halliday, Coreter Limited, Gresley House, Ten Pound Walk, Doncaster, DN4 5HX